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Baxter International Inc. is an American multinational health care company with headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois. The company primarily focuses on products to treat hemophilia, kidney disease, immune disorders and other chronic and acute medical conditions.

A former employee mentioned, "Management at Baxter International is horrible there. It starts from the senior HR person who has been there forever to the female supervisor that works on the production floor that has absolutely zero people skills and has no idea how to speak to employees. I've seen her treat temps horribly. There is a reason that they cant get people in the door and keep them and this is one of the main reasons."


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Engineer (Former Employee) says

"For such a large company, you would never imagine how hard a team of managers can make it for people. Utterly clueless. New factory manager spends more time tending to the flowers than the factory.Cheap canteenA bit prison like a"

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Management is horrible there. It starts from the senior HR person who has been there forever to the female supervisor that works on the production floor that has absolutely zero people skills and has no idea how to speak to employees. I've seen her treat temps horribly. There is a reason that they cant get people in the door and keep them and this is one of the main reasonsNone"

Pharmacy Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Quality always blames operators for things which sometimes are out of their hands. They never take the blame or accept the fault in their process. The management don’t care about their employees.All they care about is Increasing the production at cost of employees well being. No work life balance, shift timings keeps on changing so many schedule changes within a year. HR and management doesn’t treat everyone fairly, favouritism for the certain people.CoworkersManagement, vague processes"

Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Poor work life balance. No formal training or mentoring. Segregated workers by race by their choice. limited availability to get a drink or to use the bathroom. Certain people hide from their job.cant think of anyMandatory overtime 64hrs+ per week"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The Health and Safety within the utilities department is shocking, Steam Pipes are exposed, Burnt my upper arm on removing an actuator, reported the accident on the 04/05/20, went back to work on the 08/05/20, steam pipes still exposed. Expected me to change out a PRV at height working off a step ladder, I refused as its not safe, No one carried out a TRA, this place is a joke, someone will seriously get injured ne day. People using rigging equipment without any certification or training. The Mangers on site could not RUN A BATH."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"You will be worked to the bone 12 hours a day for $11 an hour. You will not have family or social life while working here and the hours make it nearly impossible to look for an alternative job without receiving disciplinary action."

MACHINE LEADER BAXTER (Former Employee) says

"Be careful of whom you are around and just do your job and don't get noticed or volunteer for anything. Stay away from people do the job that is asked of you and nothing more."

Operador de montacargas (Former Employee) says

"Tienen muy mala forma de tratar a sus empleados mi experiencia fue mala de la manera que me dejaron sin empleo después de casi 16 de trabajo."

Engineering and maintenance (Current Employee) says

"The Cleveland facility is financially ranked dead last out of Baxter's 70 facilities. Steer clear. Corporate is working to clean out the long term deadwood middle management who continually sail their ship into the rocks, its a mess. New product projects fail constantly. If you accept a position in engineering or maintenance, expect to work weekends and holidays. Maintenance, expect to be on call 24/7. Not from the area, don't buy a home. Have kids, public and private schools are mediocre at best.Two lanes of North bound HW 61.Too numerous to count."

Operator/Filler (Former Employee) says

"Employee relations are a joke, management is typically harsh and uncomfortable to work with, working conditions are poor, injury is very possible with very little understanding from management, if your injured you are subjected to retaliation from your supervisor most of the time. I had a very horrible experience working for Baxter Healthcare Corp ."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Management sucks they use underhanded tactics to get their work pushed out .. their is no communication behind the drivers and management , you are basically working blindly. they are rude to temp to hire workers who are really the reason why the company stays afloat .. equipment is horrible , The only upside is that you meet really nice patients who are very excited to see you every month ."

Quality Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Name brand franchise but really nothing else was good from there. i will not recommend anyone to apply because it is waste everyone's time. Culture was horrible"

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"The worst place I’ve ever worked period. I was hired for first shift and after 88 days of employment I was told to report to work for third shift. The Human Resources office did nothing to help either. I also never got my signing bonus. The management is less than capable of running the facility and with the highest turnover of any plant I don’t see any chance of it getting better. They would bring in hiring groups every Wednesday for three months every week that’s how many people quit. Most people would work till their first break then hit the parking lot and leave."

Injection Molding Process Technician (Current Employee) says

"If your an experienced injection molding process tech you will be greatly disappointed. They use the job title and job description to lure you in. You will be lucky to get an opportunity to process, your time will be occupied resetting alarms (never solving problems), monotonous operator duties, material handler and quality personnel duties, anything but process technician duties. You will find that your coworkers are inexperienced and have no training in Injection Molding or processing. This place will make you question your personal ethics as completing FDA mandated paperwork is their only concern, even if you have to falsify information.Good insurance, vacation timeSwing shift, falsified job description"

Catering Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for. Expectations far to high. Food offer terrible. Senior management have no idea. Very clicky. If you’re face doesn’t fit your life becomes unbearable"

Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"The pay rate isn't enough to provide support to your family if it's the sole income. YOU WILL GET IN TROUBLE FOR TURNING DOWN OVERTIME. SERIOUSLY, YOU CAN LOOSE YOUR JOB FOR GOING AGAINST THE MANDATORY OVERTIME THEY DO EVERY SINGLE DAY. Most weeks I worked 55-65 hrs. This only gets worse if you choose second shift! They lie and say there is this possibility to grow within the company, but they have a lot of people who've worked there for 5+ years in the IVY bag inspection role and noted instances where HR lied to them about raises, position changes, and approving time off, and so on. IF YOU HAVE A FAMILY, SOCIAL LIFE, SIGNIFICANT OTHER, AND SO ON STAY AWAY!!!! This job is for single, young students to work over the summer, as you won't have a social life, and won't have the time to work another job when you work from 3:30pm to 2:30am almost everyday during the week and get mandated to work an identical shift every other Saturday on top of that!"

QUALITY (Former Employee) says

"Trabaje en baxter jayuya durante dos anos y medio. Tube dos contratos separados uno por servicios profecionales y uno atraves de una ajencia de empleo. En anbos contratos trabaje en el area de calidad. En el primer contrato trabaje en el laboratorio de quimica y en el segundo contrato trabaje en el area de recibo y inspeccion. Anbos contratos fueron en el tercer turno y en anbos contratos me despidieron de un dia para otro sin previo aviso. Nunca cometi un error que mereciera el fin del contrato simplemente ellos reciclan su personal de calidad por empleados nuevos en periodos de un ano a un ano y medio y de ves encuando dejan alguno como empleado regular. Las posiciones que ocupe aun existen solo que ahora son trabajadas por jente que entro bajo la reforma laboral y que ganan mucho menos y con menos beneficios. Como otras companias en PR buscancan una forma de pagarle a los profecionales lo menos posible con cero estabilidad laboral. No es que no nesesiten profecionales es que no los valorisan en la mayoria de las veces. Si buscas un empleo con futuro no te recomiendo baxter jayuya. Trabajaras sin descanso tendras responsabilidades enormes que podrian parar toda la produccion de la planta y al final te lo agaradeceran con una llamada el dia menos pensado diciendote que tu asiganacion temporera termino. Luego te enteraras de que otra persona que llego mucho despues de ti ocupo tu posicion y que luego contrataron a otras personas para no quedarse cortos de empleados "temporeros" temporeros entre comillas por que muchas de sus posiciones temporeras lo han sido por mas de cinco"

Customer Relations Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked here and was making 9.50 per hr. Our manager didn't care about anyone else but herself. she wanted to shine and her overall results were more important than our well being. She would request from us to work OT on Saturday at 3pm on Friday. So I understand the urgency but this is not right.Nothing reallynot worth the trouble and the money"

Field Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"You can be the top performer there but they will not want to move you up because then they will be losing out on your productivity. Opportunity to travel is a big selling point."

Chemist (Former Employee) says

"Unhealthy work environment. Always have to OT Everyday. No time off. Always have to leave workplace only after 7pm no diff from shift personnel. Equipments always having issue and management not doing anything to address it.Long hours"

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